What light hides is always a mystery, in the same way that the past and the future are a mystery, together with the present, because life never stops having a dreamlike quality about it. The line that separates reality from illusion is so thin, so subtle… we have no choice but to walk the flimsy tightrope of our thoughts.


L’Art de la Lumière Cachée (The Art of Hidden Light) features painting, sculpture and installations made with stiffened silk paper. Each piece merges two dimensions in a single artwork:

1_ A NATURAL DIMENSION (opaque), essentially white, minimalist, organic, calling us to meditation.

2_ A HIDDEN DIMENSION (light), as light emanates from the interior, stories, magic and dreams appear, contrasting with the Natural Dimension, giving rise to surprises, contradictions, dilemmas or unexpected answers.

This is a technique I’ve developed to talk about Nature, the relationship between people and Nature and the relationship between Human Beings. This is my way of expressing my concern for the future of Humanity. My ultimate goal as an artist is to provoke from the observer what I consider a major necessity: to question ourselves about our increasingly detached and disrespectful relationship with Mother Earth. I seek humanity’s REconnection to the universe.

I use this organic, raw material because I’m attracted by the unpredictable outcome that emerges from ‘manipulating delicate, evanescent materials’. In this way, my work represents the force of nature vis-á-vis human activity, searching for the balance between the POWER of Nature and human ENDEAVOUR.


1986-1991 | Graduate in Fine Arts – Speciality: Graphic Design and 1 year chalcographic engraving. Faculty of Fine Arts, Universidad Complutense (Madrid).

2010-2014 | 4 years of Creative Ceramics. Course given by San Sebastian City Council.
2010-2011 | 2 years of Storytelling. Course given by San Sebastian City Council
2011 | Diploma in Patte de Verre (molten glass) taught in the Escola de Cerámica in La Bisbal (Girona).
1992 | CAP. Teacher Training Certificate (Seville).

2016 | Art Shopping Prize at Carrousel du Louvre with the Queen Art Studio Gallery. Paris, France
2016 | 1º Prize in 1º Competition of Art 2016 of “Expertos en Arte FD”. Buenos Aires, Argentina
2015 | Award in ECOCREATIVA EMPRENDE 2015. Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. Madrid, Spain
2015 | Prix Métiers d’Arts 2015. Rotary Club de Saint Jean de Luz – Urrugne – Ciboure (French Basque Country). France
2014 | Selected for the competition of the XIX Feria Internacional de Artesanía Creativa, ArteGijón 2014. Gijon, Spain
2014 | Selected for the competition of the VIII Biennal d’Art Riudebitlles. Cataluña, Spain


2020 | Esencia eta existence | Centre Culturel Tafalla Kulturgunea | Tafalla, Navarra (Spain)
2020 | Esencia eta existence | Larrotxene Kulturgunea | Donostia, Gipuzkoa (Spain)
2019 | Esencia eta existence | Bastero Kulturgunea | Andoain, Gipuzkoa (Spain)
2019 | | Gallery online | Paris (France)
2019 | Esencia eta existence | Horno de La Ciudadela | Pamplona (Spain)
2018 | Esencia eta existence | La Rotonde | Saint Jean de Luz (France)
2018 | Windows of the Wind | Salle Posta | Urrugne (France)
2018 | Festiv’Arts d’Arros-de-Nay | (France)
2018 | VRAC. 12º Rencontres Arts Contemporains | Salies de Béarn (France)
2017 | Windows of the Wind | Quinta del Sordo (Coworking&Café) | Madrid (Spain)
2017 | Windows of the Wind | Universitary Residence Lope de Vega | Alcalá de Henares. Madrid (Spain)
2017 | Centre Culturel Conde Duque | Madrid (Spain)
2017 | Cultural Container. Metrópolis Platz | San Sebastian (Spain)
2017 | Deux generations deux regards | Mendizolan | Hendaye (France)
2017 | Windows of the Wind | Faro de Castro Urdiales | Santander (Spain)
2017 | VRAC. 11º Contemporary Arts Encounters | Salies de Béarn (France)
2017 | Loiola Kultur Etxea, Single Exhibition | San Sebastian (Spain)
2016 | Tabakalera, Int. Contemporary Culture Centre | San Sebastian (Spain)
2016 | Nuit Blanche, Crypte Sainte Eugénie | Biarritz (France)
2016 | Carrousel du Louvre | Paris (France)
2016 | Circuit Artistic & Galería Abartiumz | Barcelona (Spain)
2015 | 41º Ibero-American Film Festival of Huelva | (Spain)
2015 | Ecofira. 13ª International Fair of Environmental Solutions. Fundación ECO-RAEE’S | Valencia (Spain)
2016 | Foundation Cristina Enea | San Sebastian (Spain)
2015 | Museo Victor Hugo | San Sebastian (Spain)
2015 | Gallery Infante | Saint Jean de Luz (France)
2015 | Centre d’Arts Gata Gineta | Sintra (Portugal)
2015 | Festival In. International Fair | Lisboa (Portugal)
2015 | Gallery Montsequi | Madrid (Espagne)
2014 | Museu Molí Paperer de Capellades | Cataluña (Espagne)